Adult Dentistry

For our adult patients preventing further treatment is a high priority. That is why we offer a range of personalised Adult Dentistry treatment options to help our patients maintain a healthy and youthful smile.

Achieving and maintaining good oral health is very important to your overall wellbeing. Infact many studies have shown that gum disease can be linked to other health issues like heart disease as well as diabetes too.

By combining regular 6 monthly exams and cleaning appointments with a daily brushing and flossing routine, and also by following these dental tips you can help to keep your teeth for life.

Do you have cracked or chipped teeth and would like to know about your treatment options? Or are you missing a tooth and are interested in dental implants or a porcelain bridge.

During your first visit we can discuss your treatment options and also provide you with a detailed treatment plan tailored to your own needs.

At Sunshine Coast Smile Centre we offer a wide range of Adult Dentistry treatments including:

- Composite fillings

- Kor Deep Bleaching teeth whitening

- Porcelain crowns

- Veneers

- Bridges

- Composite bonding

- Extractions

- Dental implants

- Root canal treatment

- Night guard splint for teeth grinding

- Wisdom Teeth removal

We utilise the latest technologies in dentistry and all our dental treatments are completed in-house at our Cotton Tree practice. Our 3 resident dentists collectively have over 50 years of experience.

Interested in our Adult Dentistry Service?

If you would like to find out more about our Adult Dentistry service please call Jess on 07 5443 2800 between the hours of 8.30am to 5pm.

Alternatively if you are reading this outside of these practice hours please fill out this Request An Appointment form.

We will get back to you early the next working day.