General Dentistry

This list of blog posts by Sunshine Coast Smile Centre are all about General Dentistry.

All general dentistry work is performed in-house at our Cotton Tree practice which is based on the corner of the Esplanade and Second Avenue.

It is performed by a skilled team of three dentists who together have over 60 years experience of doing these procedures.

At Sunshine Coast Smile Centre you can pay for your treatment through a Dental Payment Plan

Teeth Whitening Sunshine Coast

Teeth Whitening Sunshine Coast is as easy as giving us a call. If you are embarrassed to smile, have dark teeth or you simply want to whiten your smile. Come and get your teeth whitened right here at the Sunshine Coast at our SC Smile Centre. We offer the technology that can whiten even the most

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maroochydore dentist

Maroochydore Dentist Dental Check Ups

Maroochydore Dentists recommend regular dental checkups. This keeps you in the best possible dental health as problems can be treated early. Sunshine Coast Smile Centre provide friendly, efficient dentist checkup services at our clinic in Cotton Tree on the Sunshine Coast. Our qualified dentists keep up with all the technology for us to be able

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Protecting your Teeth

Protecting your Teeth Post-Christmas

Protecting your Teeth Post-Christmas – It’s always the way at Christmas. Dental clinics close up and just as they do, crack! Murphy’s Law is at it again. Between crispy pork crackling and rogue traditions like putting a penny in Christmas Pudding (not recommended from a dentists’ perspective). Chips and cracks around the holiday season certainly

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Healthy Teeth: Eating your Teeth Healthy

Good Food for Healthy Teeth Some foods and drinks are magic for supporting healthy teeth and saliva. Anything that helps to reduce acids and is low in sugar tends to help our teeth, like these wonderful snacks… Questionable Food for Healthy Teeth Some foods and drinks that are healthy can work against us if we

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KoR Whitening

Loving your smile is a beautiful thing, and we’re here to help you love your smile as much as you possibly can! For a lot of people that involves brightening their teeth through whitening. However, finding the right whitening treatment to suit you can be a mission. That’s why at Sunshine Coast Smile Centre we

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My teeth are sensitive! Why?

Sensitivity can be a mild annoyance to a constant struggle, and there is a whole host of things that can cause it. Sensitivity to Cold Let’s get into this tin of worms! Sensitivity to cold doesn’t always spell disaster but if it ends up interfering with your day-to-day comfort then it’s time to get to

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Home Oral Hygiene

Coming to see us for your 6-monthly check and clean is a wonderful way to make sure your oral health stays on track, but so much of your dental health comes from the work you put in at home. It can be daunting though; there’s a mountain of products out there! It can be hard

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Should I get an Electric or a Manual Toothbrush?

The easy answer is electric. Can’t be that simple, can it? Of course not! So let’s take a look at closer look at the different types of toothbrushes.   Manual Toothbrushes Not quite the ‘original’ toothbrush (have a google of ‘chewing sticks’ for that) but definitely the modern classic nowadays. Manual toothbrushes come in a

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Covid-19 Update

We are now working under level 1 restrictions Dental restrictions have been eased back to level 1. This means that Sunshine Coast Smile Centre can now perform all dental procedures using standard precautions. This is great news and we will continue to follow all recommendations set by the Dental Board of Australia.    Is it

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Dental Crowns Sunshine Coast

Dental Crowns are made of natural looking porcelain and are made to improve your overall smile or to blend in with your own teeth whilst strengthening the existing tooth structure. A porcelain crown is the restoration of choice when a filling or inlay/onlay will no longer suffice. Crowns surround the tooth like a hat bracing it

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