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Childrens Dentistry

At Sunshine Coast Smile Centre we believe Children's Dentistry is very important.

You might not have been aware of this but children have all 20 baby teeth by the age of 3.

Baby teeth are thus very important and need to be taken care of until the adult teeth replace them. Decayed baby teeth can mean a child is more likely to develop decay in their adult teeth. Yet it can be so easily avoided.

It is important to start brushing your children's teeth as soon as their first baby tooth erupts. Starting a good home oral care routine is also a good idea. While paying attention to diet from a young age can also help your child have healthy teeth for a lifetime.

Children should be encouraged to brush their own teeth. But often do not have the coordination to use a toothbrush properly until the age of 8. It is recommended that a parent assist with brushing until this age.

It is important to start visiting the dentist when the baby teeth start to erupt it. Starting at a young age can prevent little problems from becoming big ones and for most children's dentistry is preventative in nature.

Starting regular dental examination visits at a young age allows children to create a positive association with visiting the dentist and teaches them the importance of practising good oral hygiene.

Sunshine Coast Smile Centre can bulk bill eligible children through the Medicare Child Benefits Schedule.


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