Examples of Dental Treatments completed on our patients

At Sunshine Coast Smile Centre we are proud of the level and quality of service we give our patients. The following are dental treatments that have been completed on our patients and are examples of the procedures we do in-house at our Maroochydore based practice.

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Porcelain crowns

This lady felt very self-conscious about her front teeth.

She felt embarrassed to smile, covering her mouth even while she was talking.

We were able to transform her appearance which boosted her self confidence and left her feeling so much happier about her smile.

Gumlift and porcelain veneers

This lovely young lady came to see us as she was unhappy with her teeth. She felt they were too small and worn down.

After a lot of planning and meticulous smile design we were able to address these concerns with a combination of gum surgery and porcelain veneers.

Porcelain crowns

This patient wasn’t happy with his current crowns.  He felt they were ugly and his gums were constantly bleeding.  He wanted to change the size and shape of his teeth.

To achieve his goal we removed the poorly fitting old crowns and treated his gums.  Once the gums were healthy we designed his smile to give him the longer, whiter and healthier teeth he always wanted.

Kor whitening, composite bondings and porcelain veneers

This patient’s main concern with her teeth was the yellow colour and shape.  She wanted to be able to smile with confidence.

A combination of Kor whitening, composite bondings and porcelain veneers dramatically improved her smile.  She was delighted with the result, five years later she still has people commenting on her beautiful teeth.

Dental implant

Implants are one of many ways to “fill the gap”. These photos are an example of that.

Implants are done in different stages. Once the implant is placed, we have to wait for it to heal and then we can proceed with putting the crown on top.

Kor deep bleaching, composite bondings and porcelain crowns

This lady’s existing fillings had stained over time. She was embarrassed to smile and didn’t like the colour of her teeth.

With Kor whitening, composite bondings and porcelain crowns, we were able to give her the smile she always wanted.

Kor deep bleaching, porcelain crowns and bridges and implant dentistry

This patient had a number of different concerns.  He had missing teeth, a gap between his two upper front teeth and didn’t like the colour.  He had worn a denture for years and never liked it.  He decided to leave the gap between the lower front teeth.

Using a combination of teeth whitening, porcelain crowns and bridges and implant dentistry, we gave him a fantastic smile.  He no longer wears a denture and is delighted with the final result.

Porcelain veneers

Sometimes old fillings and stains on teeth can detract from your smile.

Porcelain veneers can address this and produce a very natural result.  Not everyone wants really white teeth.

Kor deep bleaching and porcelain crowns

This lady’s smile was transformed with a combination of teeth whitening and porcelain crowns.

These are just some examples of people we have helped over the years at Sunshine Coast Smile Centre.

There are usually lots of different options to improve your smile and we would love to discuss these with you.