IV Sedated Dentistry for Nervous or Anxious Patients

Contact us if you are would like to see a dentist on the Sunshine Coast, but are nervous or anxious about the procedure. We offer IV sedated dentistry or sleep dentistry at our clinic in Cotton Tree.

We have been operating for many years and we have come to understand that dental visits can cause high levels of anxiety. What might be a simple visit for others, can quickly become overwhelming for some patients. This level of anxiety can often prevent patients from having treatment which can over time lead to more pain and more costly treatments.

This has led us to offer treatment under intravenous sedation, sometimes referred to as twilight sedation, at our practice at Cotton Tree. We provide sleep dentistry Sunshine Coast residents can feel comfortable with. We allow for longer appointments for all our procedures giving us the time to keep our patients at ease throughout their treatment.

Intravenous sedation relaxes you and makes you feel sleepy during your dental treatments. On completion of treatment most patients do not remember what happened during their appointment. During the intravenous sedation you are in a dreamlike state and whilst you are aware of what’s going on around you, you are very relaxed and comfortable.

Our staff will also be there to assist you to return to your normal feeling of well being and explain to you how you can go about the rest of your day safely.

For more information on intravenous sedation (or sleep dentistry) phone Sunshine Coast Smile Centre on 07 54432800.