Our Philosophy

As an independent family run dental practice, operating since 2007, we believe in good old fashioned customer service and quality care. That is why we offer our patients longer appointment times with our dentists so that they are able to discuss any issues they may be having with their teeth.

We believe in quality care, that is why we have 3 really experienced dentists who have been practising for over 15 years each. That's a combined experience of 50 years!  With this experience comes quality care from Jon Kerr, Tony Caiafa and Dr Astrid Klatte.

We believe in the importance of continuity of care. We aim for each patient to see the same dentist at each and every visit. As with all health care professionals having a relationship with your patient is key to understanding their needs.

We believe in listening to our patient's needs so after completing a thorough initial consult we present our patients with a complete and fully costed treatment plan for them to take home and read in their own time. There is no pressure to make any rushed decisions about your oral health care at Sunshine Coast Smile Centre.

We know that the cost of dental care can be an issue for some patients. That is why we are proud to offer Denticare so that our patients can access the quality care that they deserve while still being affordable.

We know that there is a lot of choice but we are proud to say that over 6000 patients have trusted us with their dental needs since 2007. The loyalty that our patients display only encourages us to continue to improve the service and care that we offer.

We believe in keeping it local. That is why we use local labs and dental technicians when we need to outsource our work. By doing this we are also supporting other small businesses within our community.

We believe in giving back. That is why since 2007 we have supported many charitable causes within our local community such as Funds for Felix where we assisted a family to go to the UK to attend a conference about their son who has a very rare disease.

We also took part in the Salvation Army's Adopt a Family appeal in 2015. We were overwhelmed with the response that we received from our patients which ensured that one lucky family in Nambour had a very happy Christmas indeed.

At Sunshine Coast Smile Centre, this is who we are. If this sounds like the sort of family dentist on the Sunshine Coast you would like to visit, then contact us for an appointment.