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Sunshine Coast Smile Centre prides itself on being one of the leading Sports Dentist in the region. Not only in treating and diagnosing oral injuries but also educating patients in the prevention of oral injuries too.


Since 2007 we have performed a number of emergency dental treatments on both adults and children who have suffered injury during contact or ball sports.


The type of injury sustained can vary and in most cases is either a tooth that has fractured or has been heavily bumped but occasionally the tooth can be knocked out.


These injuries are most often due to direct hits with a ball or player-to-player contacts.


Sports Dental Injuries Advice


If you suffer a sports dental injury we strongly advise you to seek dental treatment immediately.

If your tooth is knocked out it is recommended that you:

- Find the tooth and hold it by the crown (not the roots)
- Rinse with milk if the tooth is dirty but do not scrub or soak

- Gently place the tooth back into the socket it came out from ensuring it is facing the correct way

- Bite on a soft cloth, guaze or tissue

- Seek immediate dental treatment

If the tooth is unable to be re-positioned into the socket place the tooth in milk or saliva and see a dentist immediately.



In addition to treating sports dental injuries we also offer custom made mouthguards which should be worn during all contact sports - including training sessions.

A cheap mouthguard from the pharmacy or online might be an attractive option. However they often provide minimal protection and have a poor fit which can impact speech, breathing and swallowing. They can also be very uncomfortable to wear.

More importantly if dislodged due to a poor fit they risk blocking your airways which not only will affect your performance on the field but is also particularly dangerous if you are rendered unconscious after a collision.

A custom made mouthguard made by Sunshine Coast Smile Centre offers you full protection during sport. We ensure it is the right fit as well as the correct thickness to protect your teeth from not only a front on knock but also from upwards force.

Our mouthguards can be made for both adults and children and can be tailored for your sport. Just like your fingerprint they will be completely unique to you!


Sports Dentist Services

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